Welcome to the Seventh-Day Adventist Internet Church website!


Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Internet Church is a church on the internet.

 The church fully corresponds to local SDA churches in its structure, content, in teachings and all other specifications.

 The only different point in this church is that it exists and works in virtual reality. 

 You can meet people from various countries of the world among the members of our Internet Church. 

In order to become a competent member, one needs to have a membership of SDA church. If you are not a member of SDA church, but you wish to join our Internet Church for support and participation in church events and also to follow Christian principles, you can be accepted as an associated member.

Associated members do not have the right to occupy any position but they are welcome in all activities held by our Internet Church. And also if they wish, they can become a competent member of Internet Church.

All visitors of this site can enjoy the resources  that are available for non-members uploaded in the current  website. Further resources are available only for members of the church.

Everybody is welcomed/encouraged to take part in various activities held by our Internet Church, except for membership meetings and such other special meetings, in which only church members have the right to participate.

Internet Church holding of Sabbath school classes, sermons, webinars (seminar on the internet) and other online meetings in real timing, by live broadcasting.

This website will be refreshed as per possibilities. 

Any of you, whoever has the wish to help, is encouraged to contribute/support us in developing current page, this website and the Internet Church. 

Looking forward to your wishes and suggestions. 

You can find all information about activities and online meetings in English language in the sub-point "announcements".

Also, soon you will have the chance to fill in the application form for becoming a member of the Internet Church.

Sub-points in English page are still empty yet their titles give general notion about the work of the SDA Internet Church.

With love,

Internet Church Pastor,

Doctor of Ministry,

Pavel Sargsyan

Email - pavelsargsyan@yahoo.com

Phone - +374 93 22 76 77, +374 55 52 76 77

Skype - doctorpaulsargsyan

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pavel.sargsyan.5